Frequently Asked Questions | Organizers

What is Form Dash?

Form Dash is an online platform created to make fundraising easier for non-profit groups. At our core, we've taken the paper out of the fundraising equation. We can convert almost any pre-sell style fundraiser to work on our platform, and event registration is a breeze.

How much does it cost to use Form Dash?

That depends. If you're doing a fundraiser with one of the vendors in our Vendor Network, typically the vendor covers the platform usage fee and credit card fees. However, make sure you check out the vendor's Form Dash profile to see the terms.

If we're creating a custom fundraiser or event registration for you, typically we'll charge you 5% of the total sales, plus the credit card fees. This mostly depends on how complex your fundraiser or event is going to be.

How does Form Dash benefit my group?

We created Form Dash because we've organized fundraisers just like you. We got sick of dealing with people forgetting to turn in forms, struggling to read handwriting, incorrect orders, and keeping track of how the fundraiser is doing.

Form Dash removes the need for a paper form. You can access your custom pre-sell page on any device with access to the internet. The orders are placed in real-time, allowing you to track the status of your fundraiser without having to check-in with each individual participant. Keeping an eye on the status of your fundraiser means you can remind and encourage your group to keep fundraising!

Form Dash allows you to take credit card payments for your fundraiser - removing the need for cash or checks.

Fundraisers no longer have to bring their paper form with them to complete a fundraiser, they can use their smartphone wherever they are.

Customers who purchase your fundraiser items receive a receipt of their purchase with all necessary details such as the order, order total, fundraising individual, and deliver/pick up instructions. This makes it easy for customers to double check their order for accuracy.

Form Dash has saved organizers hours of time doing the busy work of fundraisers and allowed them to focus on what really matters - taking care of their group.